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About us

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve achieved a lot in your career and now you lead a team or a small business or a whole enterprise. You put your success down to hard work, good luck and the right skills.

Now, it’s your responsibility to develop the skills of the next generation of young leaders.

In recent years they’ve had to adapt to working in hybrid teams and in flatter, unstructured teams.

The problem is most management and leadership training is for managers, not the people in their early careers who most need your help.

Navigating relationships, working together effectively and creating value is more complex and demands better skills than ever before. It can be stressful and deeply frustrating too.

Like a lot of senior leaders, you worry that you’re not doing enough to help them work better together and that’s a real risk to your business. Sound familiar?

We’ve been there too.

Helen has seen both sides. For many years she lead teams and experienced first-hand the challenges of leading and inspiring teams to achieve their best work often in a challenging environment of change.

For the last decade she has been training and coaching executives in multinationals but it really concerned her that very little training of these valuable skills was available for younger people actually doing the work on the front line.

Graduates were arriving into work without the communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills they need to work effectively – and this has become more marked since everyone has shifted to hybrid working since the Pandemic.

That’s why I started Growthinc

I saw how the skills young people need to work together effectively are different to the ones you and I needed at that stage in our careers.

What’s more, I saw that the way digital natives engage and learn is very different too.

So I designed courses for three cohorts of young workers called Start, Rise and Lead.

They’re designed to release the potential of young leaders who will manage and grow your business and to transform your organisation from one that struggles to adapt to new ways of working and creating value to one that is a thriving, empowered organisation that develops people to lead and create exceptional value in today’s fast-changing world.

Helen Bryant

Our partners

 Anyone can make a difference

 With the right training and support anyone can succeed and make a positive difference in their work and for themselves.

This is why we have partnered with PSALT impact, an non profit company committed to making it possible for under-represented groups to join and thrive in organisations.

We are delighted to be working together to provide our RISE programme for their Young Black Talent groups.