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Develop the next generation of leaders

Communication, collaboration and decision making skills for the hybrid world

Empower teams

Restore wellbeing

Boost productivity

Ineffective training is risky business

Unless you help people develop the skills they need at work today your business will struggle to thrive.

Failure to realise the potential of your people and your business

Inability to create and deliver value to customers

Loss of your best people to the competition

Don't waste time and money on courses that don't work.

Fast, effective skills training for future leaders

We develop people in their early careers, giving them the skills they need to succeed in the world today. 

Our courses meet the needs of young people at three stages in their career – from the moment they start as a graduate through to becoming a valuable member of the team and finally emerging as a young leader. 


First Year
Designed for young recruits to get the basics right. Help them work well with others, navigate the workplace and do their best work fast.


Year Two+
To transform young potential into valuable, rising stars. It's about helping them to collaborate and make things happen faster and more effectively. 


Young Leaders
Confidence building modules that add strength, skills and resilience to your management team. Knowing how to manage and lead in this new world.

"Pragmatic, interactive learning that develops the essential communication and collaboration skills people need to thrive in the hybrid workplace."

Thea Alexander, Co-Founder, Young Foodies

Revolutionary learning design

We work with you to create a powerful learning journey that helps young people to learn and your senior team to support their development.

From £347 per user for 12 months access. 

Picture 4

Online videos
and other resources

Easy 24/7 access to core content so participants can learn when and where they choose.

You and your manager

People powered coaching
and support

Access to our experts and a community of peers to deepen and personalise the learning experience.


On the job feedback
and encouragement

Active support from line managers prompted by digital nudges and reminders.

Created to excite and engage young leaders

Every learning experience guarantees the 6 essentials for young learners.

Getting your young leaders in training is easy

# 1

Talk to
an expert

# 2

Get a

# 3

Realise the potential
of young leaders

I know how it feels when the training you relied on yesterday fails to deliver results today.

It's frustrating because you know there's great power and potential waiting to be unleashed in your team, especially the younger cohorts.

And let's face it, business is challenging right now and you need them to work better together to solve problems and deliver value.

In fact, the very success of your business depends on the younger members of your team navigating the complexities of a less structured, hybrid working environment.

Getting your training right has never felt so urgent or critical.

That's why I created Growthinc to create a hybrid learning journey that helps young people develop the skills they need to grow your business.

It's a new kind of training for a new world of work.

Helen Bryant,

Founder, Growthinc

How good are your team’s hybrid work skills?

Take the skills test in 3 minutes to get your Growthinc Scorecard and Action Plan

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